About Keven Hempel

Family is the core our business and legacy.

Keven Hempel has been hard working and hard charging his whole life. From the early age of 6 years old he would wake up with his grandpa rolling news papers, delivering packages, collecting money, selling products and understanding the human psychology of communication and relationships. Though he focused heavily on project management for the first half of his professional life there was always a love for relationships and technology. in 1994 he was given an opportunity to see the future through the building of a personal computer. It was not the hardware he fell in love with, it was the software and the programs. How he saw people would connect in the future was quite the window of opportunity. He has said "I saw the future of communication through communities online." At the time he didn't know we would call it "Social Media" today but it was in fact EXACTLY that. 

That experience continues to guide his insight even today. Immediately after graduating high school Keven began college course through Southern New Hampshire College and then made his way to California in 2004 after a quarter flipped changed his life. Keven has always worked with his hands and has proven that to be true through construction, building companies, building up people and now today using his LIFE FORMULA, Absorb. Neutralize. Transform (A.N.T.) through this process he is changing the way we see the world today. It's through ACTION. 

Professional experience and WHY people hire Keven Hempel LLC. 

  • 20 Years of Project Management Experience
  • Technology Driven
  • He opens doors, closes doors and see opportunities. 

Keven Hempel has helped companies:

  • Shift to new operations software systems
  • Transitioned companies business models
  • Assisted and lead the acquisition of companies
  • Interviewed, hired and lead the training of new team members during growth and crisis stages
  • Re-structured firms and helped leadership hit yearly goals from 2 million to 20 million a year.
  • Digitized several companies and lead the firms to Re-Branding digitally for both for Non-profit and For-profit 

Along with many other areas of skills and abilities Keven founded what he calls the Digital Legacy.

Over 14 years ago, the concept of the digital legacy began with his grandmother, Margaret. Standing at the foot of her deathbed, she spoke quietly and said: "You have a way of telling people how it is, so tell your story!" His grandmother was a passionate and visionary woman – and she was right. She inspired him on this purposeful journey to share his passion and knowledge with others in a way that will live on forever. 

"It started with a few posts on social media and turned into a business because of my passion for SERVICE."

His authentic story includes his amazing wife, two beautiful daughters, his passion for business and helping others. As you follow his journey, He hopes you find inspiration and tangible ways to be involved both online and in your community.

But, he is only one person and there are many other inspiring stories to be told. Search #DigitalLegacy and you will find thousands of posts showcasing events, experiences, life moments, articles, videos, and photos from others weaving their own legacy together online with powerful intention and purpose.

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever to capture and share what’s beautiful. If you’re passionate about life and your business, then let us help you create your own digital legacy to gift the world. Thank you for your time and your interest. 

If you are looking for a Business Strategy Consultant or Accountability Coaching, Contact us today!

Keven Hempel 
Founder of #DigitalLegacy

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