How to go deeper with conversations


Yesterday I went to a friends house and we devised a quick plan to go for a run. I have to use the f-word very sparingly here because for some weird reason he doesn't like to call us friends. So maybe I'll just say my buddies house. Anyway, like I said we devised the plan to go for a quick run.

On this run he said the words "to be honest" after that he started to talk to me about a conversation. When he was done talking I said "why do you say to be honest?" His answer back was short but mainly it was to protect the brutal honesty that he has possession of during conversations. As we continued to run and chat about this discussion he said out loud "it's pretty amazing how you get the things out of me that you do. You allow me to drop the wall that I normally have and say things that I don't normally say or do."

I asked "why is that?" He replied back "well I think I just feel kind of safe, like the way that you question is not with any alternative motive but curiosity."

For the rest...

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The Spirit of Generosity


"Mommy, daddy, I don't deserve this, can I give it to the little girl?" 

In a moment of pure empathy and generosity with a simple good deed from our daughter Lanie, our lives changed forever. Less than a week before we left the U.S. for a trip to Thailand our daughter Lanie purchased her alpaca Gerald from a store downtown called Therapy

She loved it because it was soft. She carried it with her on the plane, to restaurants, practically every place we went, and she even slept with it! She had plans to write a story that was appropriately titled "The adventures of Gerald and Cheetah." (Cheetah is Malia's stuffed animal to be shared later.)

Her storyline was about these two pets who were going to go on all these adventures while in Thailand and then she could print a book on Amazon, but the feelings that overcame her was about to put a halt on that plan! 

After spending time at the elephant sanctuary the daughter of the caretakers had grown a liking to Gerald as...

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Hiking The Foothills of the Himalayas


Doi Inthanon in Thailand is the highest point in the country. We were able to reach the top which is 8,415 feet above sea level by foot. 

Most of which was a fairly long intricate drive to the point in the Thai Highlands. It is a mountainous natural region in northern Thailand and is an extension of the mountain ranges that connect Laos, Burma and China, ultimately linking them all to the Himalayan mountains.

The elevation at this point left us with a little shortness of breath but it wasn't too difficult. After a quick hike around the highest point we found ourselves on our first adventure experiencing the high jungles of the mountain range. 

Immediately we were surrounded by plant life like we had never seen before and definitely animals that went unseen and unheard from as well. This was our first adventure into our Thailand experience and it was one with breathtaking views which also included a walk around the king and queens private temples.

It was the first time...

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We Made Time To Be Alone


Standing in a Thailand jungle the moment happened. Malia looked at the elephant as if to say "I am here for you and you don't scare me."  The elephant replied with a beautiful display of affection.

It was a pretty epic moment of our lives, it was as if she was meant to be there. Maybe she found her calling, maybe her calling found her? She was happy. Her face glowed like we have never seen it shine before. As a father and mother of two, it was one of those moments that we strived for, you know the moment when we think, "WE MADE THE RIGHT DECISION!" 

The location was desolate and was protected by the caretakers. There were only 6 of us, 5 caretakers and our guide. There was no riding of any elephants and the staff took care of the animals as if they were family. The elephants were the center of attention and we gave them that respect. 

Feeding was close and intimate. We used Thai words and sounds to connect with the elephants while handing them food. These elephants...

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Today is your day!

"The number one reason why most people don't get what they want is because they don't know what they want." T. Harv Eker

Even when they actually know what they want, they don't start doing the things that will get them to what they want.

Most people are afraid.

Most are afraid that if they actually did the things they knew they needed to do, they may get something they didn't know they needed.

Most people are afraid of success.

It's easier to stay the same. It's easier to say "They don't know what they're talking about. I'm right you're wrong." Then another year goes by and yet again nothing changes. That's easy. The harder thing to do is to sit down and write out exactly what you want, then start taking action on all the things that you wrote down. That is commitment.

That's hard. It's hard because it makes you take a long look in the mirror and if you're being honest with yourself it lets you see that you let yourself go. You let yourself become complacent. You let yourself live...

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Environments are important

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2020

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the podcaster was talking about environments and habits. He went on to discuss how important environments are and how they can negatively or positively affect our lives. One of the stories he discussed was how he was at a party and the three friends he was standing around with all had very strict nutritional plans, his was not as strict of course however when the host came around with birthday cake they asked his three friends before him if they wanted a cake? His three friends immediately said no and by the time the host got to him, even though he desired the cake before since his friends said no he decided to say no as well! He recognized the people that he was hanging out with allowed him to make a decision that was probably better for him anyways.

This podcast really got me thinking about the process of environment. This has been a running message over the past several years from me of how important environments are. I've delivered...

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If They Are Going To Call Me Crazy...

“You know Keven your story is not for everyone, especially the way you choose to tell it.” As she stated those words I sat for a moment, soaking in the sun rays that were hitting us while we hiked on a trail. “I understand that sweetheart but you know what? It’s not about them and besides, if I shared the story and it inspired just one person to make a difference then I did my job, I served a purpose.”

So it began. The sharing of all things private, embarrassing, vulnerable, ego-etic, poetic and any other etic there could be. It began with a simple conversation, then a deep story, a hashtag was used once or twice, a picture and video were posted a couple of thousand times and words and ideas were spread globally for years until the crashing halt.

“You’re what? Removing yourself from consuming social media? Why?”

“Well, sweetheart, it’s time. I have been entirely consumed, greatly obsessed and very addicted to this thing we...

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My Digital Legacy Journey Through Depression

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2019

I battle depression every day. There, I said it. What does it change? Nothing, I don't think. I wake every morning with this feeling of self-doubt. This feeling that I am not good enough. The fact of the matter is, this is one of my first thoughts every morning:
"What did I miss?"
"Where am I?"
It's pretty wild.

I don't let this stop me though. The moment I have the thought I then say "Fuck yeah, I'm here, another day, let's roll." I'm not joking; I am entirely honest. I am on a journey through depression. I recognize some days are way better than others. The days I'm feeling bright? I'm on freaking fire. The days I'm in the thick? I don't want to be around anyone. It's a love-hate relationship. The dark days are my fuel to bounce back and shine brightly to the world for the world. The bright days are draining.

Jenny and I had a conversation the other day about how important it is to talk about depression. For us, it's been a conversation we have had since the beginning. We can't...

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Your Digital Legacy on Social Media

With so much talk nowadays about social media and the harming effects of it all, it doesn't surprise me that with a quick google search of "Is social media even a thing?" it pulls up over 3,490,000 results of articles, videos, images of social discussing the good the bad and the ugly! This statistic has doubled since 2017. The internet and our content leave it up for us to decide, where we want to put our attention? As someone who spends no less than 16 hours a day, seven days, a week in and around social platforms, posting, engaging, boosting, researching, reviewing, managing and educating myself within the next levels of marketing and branding, I often think about what I am putting out into the technological cosmos. My answer? My personal Digital Legacy and my professional Digital Legacy. What does this mean exactly?

I believe we have a fantastic opportunity to change the game of business and personal lifestyle through social. I think most of our attention is being given to our...

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I was "TOLD" I was gay.

dad digitallegacy kids story Jan 31, 2019

When I was growing up, I was told I was gay. Why? Because I walked on my toes, had a stuttering issue and chose to be friends with the girls in my class (as opposed to boys.) I guess looking back now I've always had more of a connection with sensitivity and empathy as opposed to the masculinity boys/men are supposed to have. I grew up playing baseball and was in a band but could most of the time care less about sports.

In my twenties, I enjoyed watching the NFL and occasionally going to an MLB game not because I really cared about the sport but more so because of the experience. Over the past several years I haven't actively watched sports games other than the big Super Bowl or World Series. To be honest, I care more about the food and drinks and family than I do about the game.

I used to wonder why I didn't tend to connect really well with the men in my life then I discovered myself at age 30 with two girls and a wife that didn't need me to be a "MAN" they needed me to be their...

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