It Was Time To Change

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2020

There are moments in our life where we most certainly wish we could take back; this isn't one of them. The picture at the top of this blog is of my bride and me over the past three years. The change is quite dramatic. It was not easy; however, together, we put in the work to change our lives. The results are part of our legacy.

"To get healthy so we can live long enough to build a legacy."

We didn't start with some massive life change or changing everything we ate. We began by moving our bodies. The simple act of body movement had lit the flame within us to set our own individual goals for our healthy life. Though we started together, we immediately found out we had different plans!

I ended up running 100 miles in 36 hrs last year while working out two times a day for several weeks on end and throwing myself in and out of injury and suffering where my bride decided to take the steady commitment to daily changes. Just a little at a time. She promised herself she would go to the gym...

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The Map

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2020

I received this map from a friend of ours. Normally I would say no to bringing more things into the house but when she asked if I wanted it I felt like it was going to be of great importance.

No alt text provided for this image

I hung it so gently on the wall not really understanding why I was doing what I was doing but those of you that know me know that that never stopped me before. I often live life with very little to no fear even when I have no idea why I'm doing what I'm doing. So I hung it behind me.

Then it started...

I believe that we leave our energy everywhere. When We touch a book we leave the energy in a book. when we enter a room we bring the energy in and when we leave the room we leave the energy there. It's the reason why when you walk into a room or you're at an event you can feel when somebody's staring at you.

This map was carrying some interesting energy but since has been cleansed. From the moment I hung it on the wall behind me I started making videos. I also started jumping on Zoom calls....

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Building a Team in 2020

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2020

A companies leadership ability to build a great team is an essential aspect of any service company. The team is the foundation of the firm and can make a firm or break a firm. Each team member plays an intricate part in being the name, face, product, and culture. Whether they are the sales staff running around the world closing deals, the onsite labor force is repairing a home, or the administrator reviewing contracts and answering the client's calls; they are all critical.

Companies should build teams that believe in delivering excellence and exceeding industry standards for their clients. It starts with the people and the way they work. Believing in excellence allows the workdays to reflect a company's values. The company culture isn't about an office pool table or beers after work anymore; it's about developing communication and trust among team members. It's about connecting them on a deeper significant level. This year has proven this even more than any year before.

It's about...

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Living A Digital Legacy "Ted Talk"

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2020

Do you remember the moment when you discovered just what it is that makes your heart sing?
I do.
It began at 2 am on a cold brisk November morning when I stood in the doorway of the emergency room, knowing my grandma was going to die.

"Hey grandma, how are you feeling?"
"I'm O.K. Mijo" that's a term of endearment she's called me since I was a baby. I loved that.
"Well then, since you're feeling O.K. I should tell you not to let grandpa see you this way."

She looked at me as if to ask, "why not?"

Well, after nine children, 14 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren, he may not want to have any more babies with you if he sees you like this."

It may not have been my best joke, but it was a successful one because she smiled.

Then she said something I'll never forget, "Keven, Keven, Keven, you've always had a way of telling people how it is."

My response, of course, was:
"Hmmm, grandma, I wonder where I get that from?"

The exchanges my grandma and I shared that morning masked a...

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How to walk 60 miles in 1 week

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2020

Feel like you're running out of time to take care of yourself? Want to find some ways to stay healthy and do a little exercise while you work? I figured out how!

For some I am considered a life hacker.

I find ways to get things done that I don't want to do, but I know I should. Here are some quick tips for walking 60 miles in a week. This is not a joke. I have done it, and you can go as well. You have to get up off the couch, get out of your office chair, and start moving. Now get to it for the remainder of 2020.

First - Schedule yourself to work out. I research every morning on my iPad, and I used to lay in bed and research; now I bought a surf shelf
Laptop holder and research while taking steps on my treadmill at 2.2 miles an hour. Sometimes I go down to 1.8 miles an hour. That's a good pace.

Next - When I am on the phone, I use my cell and walk around while talking. "Yes, I do figure 8's in my living room, and I make sure to press mute when I am only listening." For meetings, I...

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How I Changed My Life Through Sleep

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2020

In 2015 my wife and I were staying in a hotel room. Yes, this is another story about my struggles, but this one has a near-death twist. I was feeling good when I went to sleep. I was about a six-pack of IPA's in and was having some unusual dreams. When I woke, my wife, Jenny, looked at me with this stare on her face that she meant business. 

Jenny: "You need to see a dr."
Me: "Why was my snoring bad again?"


Before I could finish my sentence, she looked at me and said: 

"Watch this."


On the screen, there a video of me sleeping. I was snoring up a storm. Sawing logs. There was this gasping sound I would make now and then trying to catch up for air. It was humorous, so I was cracking jokes, and then it wasn't. 

On the screen, I suddenly laid silent for a minute and twenty seconds. I stopped breathing for a minute and twenty seconds. I immediately put the phone down and said: "wow, I'll make an appointment." I had no clue. My whole life, I thought the...

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Never Give Up

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2020
In a conversation on a recent run my buddy whispered next to me, "You know Kev, we throw around 12 miles like it is no big deal."
I immediately responded with "Right? Like what happened that 12 miles is no longer a THING for us? One mile is a thing for most and we should respect that. Running a mile is a BIG deal."
The answer?
Training happened. We took action. We ventured into suffering. We accepted our insanity and God given gift. After pondering for a second, I told him this story of a friend that sent me this message the other day. It is a beautiful message of HOPE and LOVE. It's also a fighters message to NEVER GIVE UP! ❤️
The message:
Hey Keven,
How's it going? Hope the family is well. 😁 I was wondering how Malia's running story is going? Last I heard, she was struggling a bit and saying she doesn't think she was made for running, lol. You see, at the time you posted that, I was battling my own running demons and wondering if maybe she was right? Lol...Maybe...
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I MUST confess

fear growth mindset May 03, 2020

I MUST confess- I am no longer fearful of the virus. I am no longer fearful of what it can do, for I have seen what it has already done. Divided friends and family, taken the lives of many, devastated downtown's all across America, just to name a few.

I MUST confess- The fear that I had in the beginning is no longer there because now I have faith. I have faith in the plan. Do I have trust in our nation's leaders? Not really. While I'm being totally honest, I have more trust in our local leaders than I do the higher-ups. Why is that? I know their hearts.

I MUST confess- My belief is that there are many agendas at hand. That is why none of this really makes sense. From the beginning I was told it was going to be long term. "Think long-term HE said-" and so we did.

I MUST confess- It's time for us all to go back to work. We have done what we needed to do. Some of us took action really quickly for others it took a little more time, but seeing what I see today, it's time to get back to...

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I was a roofer

In 2001 I was an 19 year old kid. I was roofer. Not just any roofer. I was a roofer in New Hampshire. If you have never been to NH in the winter, it's cold. REALLY COLD. That means when it's cold and you're a roofer that works outside, you work outside in the cold. This was my mask I wore in the cold.

I can remember fingers freezing, back hurting, 40 ft up in the air walking across ice covered rooftops as the wind blew -15 degree winter wind down my back, nose running, knees chattering COLD. I worked for $15 an hr.
That was a good job.
Paid well.
Sacrificed alot for that dollar.
Being a roofer taught me a ton.
At one point I remember hanging down a roof at midnight with a rope tightened around my waist (so I didn't fall) in the middle of a snow storm breaking the ice in a gutter with a pick ax. I was paid $20 an hr for that adventure.

How times have changed. It taught me to work hard. Don't complain when the tough times come. They always come. It taught me to stay positive. It...

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My REVolution 2.0

family purpose sobriety Feb 28, 2020

The decision to change my life was quite easy. It made it even easier once I truly recognized the exact reason why choosing sobriety was the most important thing I could do with my life.

It was my wife and my two children.

Since 2004 it's always been about this. Sure I had struggles and challenges along the way. I ended up in therapy for about a half a year. Doctor's appointment after doctor's appointment they told me if I continued on this road it would surely mean a young death. Now I'm not much of a gambler at least the vegas-type but I am a risk-taker.

Little did I know choosing sobriety and running down this path that I am currently on was going to be the biggest risk I had ever taken in my life. Now that I'm miles down this journey I can say without a doubt it was the best decision I have made in my whole life. Now there were some other decisions that surely held a candle to this one but sobriety? That choice took me to a whole new level.

I do not dare say that sobriety and...

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