Family is the core of my legacy.

Over ten years ago, the concept of digital legacy began with my grandmother, Margaret. Standing at the foot of her deathbed, she spoke quietly and said: "You have a way of telling people how it is, so tell your story!" My grandmother was a passionate and visionary woman – and she was right. She inspired me on this purposeful journey to share my passion and knowledge with others in a way that will live on forever.

My authentic story includes my amazing wife, two beautiful daughters, my passion for business and helping others. As you follow my journey, I hope you find inspiration and tangible ways to involved both online and in your community.

But, I am only one person and there are many other inspiring stories to be told. Search #DigitalLegacy and you will find thousands of posts showcasing events, experiences, life moments, articles, videos, and photos from others weaving their own legacy together online with powerful intention and purpose.

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever to capture and share what’s beautiful. If you’re passionate about life and your business, than let us help you create your own digital legacy to gift the world. Thank you for your time and your interest. 

Keven Hempel 
Founder of #DigitalLegacy


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