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Next Up Nation

Join the Conversation with Tiffany & Keven  

In this episode of Next Up Nation,    

Tiffany has an insightful and promising conversation with Keven about blurring the lines between one’s personal and professional life. Keven highlights the positive impact that someone’s authenticity and vulnerability can have on any endeavor. He explicitly mentions how these traits have benefited his journey as a podcaster and an entrepreneur. The Keven Hempel Podcast epitomizes these virtues to humanize other entrepreneurs and business owners by sharing their unique stories.  

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Keven Hempel Podcast

Hosted by Keven Hempel, the Podcast is a conversation with passionate people living a purposeful life. Each episode brings inspiration and tangible advice on how to start living your own legacy and building a better business using digital media. Listen and join me on this adventure called life. 

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Digital Legacy Blog

Helping and inspiring others to bring their passions to life is the heart of the Digital Legacy movement. Keven compiles motivational and educational stories to help readers navigate the digital landscape and empower themselves.

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It Happened On The Job

This episode’s guest: Keven Hempel of or check out his Digital Legacy Podcast!

Mike and Brian are joined by Keven Hempel, officially the Director of Client Relations at Freestone Construction and B Taylor Painting. But honestly, his title is more akin to “whatever it takes to have better relationships with clients” – whether it’s managing a project, buying groceries for them, or helping them be better stay-at-home teachers to their kids during the COVID-19 crisis. Take a listen and see why this Ultra Marathon running, social media champion, business owner is positively influencing everyone he comes in contact with on a daily basis. 

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Keven Hempel on YouTube

Watch Keven Hempel in action from events, business and family. The sky’s the limit when living a purposeful life. Keven documents his own digital legacy, while showcasing those he’s helped build their own.

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Meet Nick With Anywhere Warrior

On this podcast I interview Nick from Anywhere Warrior  Nick started his company with an idea before he had a name for it. This drive came from a love for functional fitness and using his body to be able to navigate any terrain and see some spectacular views while he did it. "I got the bug when I started doing Spartan, Tough Mudders, and the Endeavor Team Challenge. I had a passion for teaching others and I found a way to share my love of nature with fellow athletes and clients." stated Nick. Let's jump in to the podcast and hear more of his story! 

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Keven Hempel in The OnFire B2B Podcast

OnFire B2B Podcast


CEOs and Business Owners Share Their Insights. It's 6 questions in 9 minutes because the best CEOs and Business owners know how to be concise and when to end.

#677 Keven R. Hempel the CEO of Keven Hempel LLC tells you how to get out of your own way.

You can check him out below:


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