Giving to my community is essential to my personal digital legacy. You’ll often find me involved in fundraising efforts, speaking and supporting events! Learn more below.

We are supporting three organizations throughout the year by capturing their story using audio video and written word. Each of these organizations has played a huge part in the Hempel family legacy. We're committed to giving back during 2020. Each organization will be hosting events throughout the year, and we will be supporting each event by raising money, creating videos and capturing their legacy.

How my clients can help? When you hire my team in 2020, you will be directly donating a percentage of the funds to any of the three organization of your choice.

To find out more or support an organization click on the organization and make a direct donation to the organization in care of Digital Legacy and then sign up for one of my services here. 

The Ever Forward Club

At the Ever Forward Club, we believe that all young men have the desire to be fully alive – to be loved, respected, held in high regard, held to high expectations, held accountable for their actions and supported to help achieve their goals. 

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JW House

We keep families together by offering a welcoming home close to the hospital, with a caring and compassionate environment that inspires hope. Read the Hempel and Malias story and learn how to get involved.

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Rooms of Hope

We give dream room makeovers to children with life-threatening illnesses. We surround these children with love and co-create the space of their dreams. We bring hope and joy to seriously ill children as they literally fight for their lives. 

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