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By definition, a legacy is a gift. It’s something that’s been handed down. So, what’s a digital legacy? It’s your story NOW.

Your digital legacy is your passion. It’s your story that you’re currently living to be saved for generations after generations to look back uponPaper and pictures fades over time and a written letter can burn, deteriorate, or get lost. So much of history has been lost to the toils of man and nature. The digital format is less likely to burn, get lost or destroyed - especially if backed up and saved properly.

Don’t wait for others to define your legacy. Take your passion and be intentional with the legacy you’re sharing online today

Almost everyone is already creating a digital legacy on social media whether they realize it or not. The secret to success is to be intentional and authentic with your story.

If you are passionate, on a path to create change or have the ability to inspire others, I believe these are the stories that need to be told. The world needs more inspirational leaders. Our children need real stories that they can relate to that will help guide future generations. Families, communities and global businesses alike all have a digital legacy. It’s our job to simply tell ours – no matter how big or small.

The digital content provided will depend on each individual's needs. Digital marketing services include creating podcasts, video series or digital presentations. Social media deep dives are the best place to begin if you need help crafting your digital legacy and marketing plan.

YES! Your digital legacy should be as authentic and complete as possible. We’ll work together to make sure you’re satisfied.


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