Are you tired of living a "POTENTIAL" life? 

Do you have the desire to live your optimal life?

We are going BACK TO THE BASICS and working on building our foundation. 


Together we will interact and discover the things about ourselves that hold us back.

What is holding you back?

Get Curious

Together we will get curious. We need to ask ourselves the questions that ignite us.

What are you curious about?


Together we will create and grow a solid foundation to achieve your optimal life.

How solid is your foundation?

Your Vision

Together we will get clarity on the vision you have for yourself and take action.

Are you ready to take action?

Members Keven (Blue Hawk) Hempel and Christie (Choctaw) Bravo

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Your Tribe IS Your Drive 3 month program includes:

* 4 Weeks of learning about Movement and Hydration

* 4 Weeks of learning about the Mirror and You

* 4 Weeks of learning about the Highlight Reel 

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Your Tribe IS Your Drive 10 month program includes the 3 month program and the following:

* 4 Weeks of learning about Being Curious

* 4 Weeks of learning about Self Talk, Self Confidence

* 4 Weeks of learning about Finding Joy Within

* 4 Weeks of learning about Nutrition Mind/Body/Soul

* 4 Weeks of learning about Relationships and Energy 

* 4 Weeks of learning about Accountability 

* 4 Weeks of planning YOUR Next Steps Blueprint 

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After you have joined Your Tribe IS Your Drive Program you can join our closed community platform to carry on the conversations and continue the growth toward your optimal life!

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